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Have a Great Shoot in Norfolk

It can be pretty easy to get caught up in the excitement of your first photoshoot in Norfolk. However, let’s avoid the “deer-in-the-headlights” look (photographers tend to see this look a lot) to get something that is going to look good in your portfolio. Don’t worry though, many new models do not realize what it takes to get a good image until after they have gone through the first shoot jitters at the studio in Norfolk. It is not too hard once you get the hang of it, but until you do, take in consideration the advice given here and put your best foot forward as you begin your career in Norfolk.
So long as we are talking about being prepared in Norfolk….always be sure to bring the essentials to any photoshoot. The bare minimum? Nude undergarments, plus whatever they ask you to bring. Though if you know the clothing you will be shooting, wear nice undergarments that will blend well. Black, white, nude are the basics. Pasties are good to have on hand, as well as a pair of heels. If you really want to impress, paint your nails a clean, neutral color and bring some supplemental wardrobe.
Look at magazines to find some inspiration for your first photoshoot. What do you connect to? Look for poses and then test them out for yourself. See what works and what doesn’t, for the type of shoot you are doing in Norfolk. Later, you can reference what you see during your first shoot and try the poses out. If it’s not working, the photographer will tell you so. Also, take some time to watch fashion shoots on youtube if you need a little more idea. Pose/practice in front of a mirror and what angles you think look best. And then take a lot of selfies. This is probably funny sounding, but it can help. What you see in the mirror doesn’t look exactly like a photo would. Find attractive angles, poses and faces. Make a silly face in the mirror and see what you like and don’t link. I like to make silly faces. Sometimes the shot turns out great. Sometimes the photographer may refuse to take a picture of a silly face, or feel out the room a little. They know what’s best for that shot and they are pretty much your eyes.
Practice your pretty model hands. Hands can make a shot or ruin the shot. If your hand looks like the claw of no return, it's probably going to look pretty awkward. A good rule to go by is if it feels awkward, it probably looks awkward too. Also, besides practicing the poses, know your assets. Maybe you won’t know what your assets are until after your first shoot. That is perfectly okay. Figure out what your most unique and wonderful features are and how to utilize them to make the best out of Norfolk. Example: lips. Don’t do the same expression with your face/lips for every shot. Try to change it up and see what looks best. Some assets are hard to work with because they are so unique. But when properly harnessed they can make you stand out from the crowd.
Be in the know about who will be on the shoot there in Norfolk. Escort or not, it’s good to require a collaborator on board (such as hair, MUA, stylist, etc.), especially when working with someone you have never met before. Always be cautious with who you meet and where and never be completely alone with a stranger in an uncomfortable situation. Trust your gut. Yes, there may be a good chance you will be nervous, but try and relax. It happens to all of us at one point or another. It may help to meet the photographer for coffee before the day of the shoot and discuss the types of images you are looking for. Hopefully you will have discussed them before. Good communication helps the shoot roll along smoothly and makes everyone happy.
One good tip for modeling in Norfolk is to be organic. Do not hold a pose/awkward pose for too long. You want to be constantly moving, so the images look more natural and fluid. Thinking of a pose and then executing it may look more stiff than you can imagine. Do not try and think too much. This goes hand in hand with organic movement. If you think too much, the tension from that will show in your face and body. The key is to appear like you are not a newbie, that can be difficult, but everyone’s experience is different. A good photographer will know how to give you proper direction. Though, with time they should not need to. Do not be afraid to ask to see the photos during a quick break between frames, so you can know how your movement and facial expressions are translating on camera.
When in doubt as you start modeling in Norfolk….simpler can be a lot better. Look at agency websites and the models there. Many of their portfolios are made up of raw, organic black and white photos. Give some attitude and show the world what you got, don’t hold back.